The Light of Life

Sunrise from my window

Every morning I wake up to the Sun shining through my windows. It’s one of the perks of having a window that faces east. I get to see some fantastic sunrises and sunsets; not to mention that seeing the bright shining sun makes me feel happier to get my day going. But when the sky is cloudy and grey I’m more reluctant to get out of bed. I know the sun is behind those clouds but I can’t see it just yet. 

It’s amazing what the Sun does to me and that got me thinking about the Son (of God), our Lord Jesus Christ. Consider, for a moment, this analogy where our life is like the Earth and our Lord is like the Sun.

Just like the Sun, Jesus is like a penetrating light whose love is fierce and fiery. If we are like the Earth our spirit can be likened to the clouds and our lives can be likened to the ground. When I am reluctant to let God into my life the more ‘cloudy’ my life becomes; the clouds attempt to block the Sun’s rays and succeed in creating a gloomy day. Could you imagine if every day was cloudy? Would the plants get enough nutrients from the Sun? Sure, I could eventually get used to living through gloomy days but eventually I would yearn to see the brightness of the Sun.

And that’s exactly what Jesus is – the Light of our lives. When He is finally given the chance to shine through, His light is bright and full of life! Sometimes His light can even be painful when I’ve been living gloomy days for so long. But by opening up my ‘sky’ (mind or spirit) and basking in the warmth of His love I begin to see what was missing in my life.

There will be times of sadness, doubt or worry when I can’t help but have a cloudy and gloomy mind. But by letting Jesus shine in me, He can make even make the clouds beautiful!

“I am the Light of the world,” says the Lord;
“They who follow me will have the light of life.”
(© Greg Hayakawa 1978,1979.)

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