Lifelong Love


The other day I was having a conversation with my good friend Kurt over some all you can eat sushi.

SIDE NOTE: We were really hungry that day; I’m pretty sure the restaurant lost money on us…

I was gushing about a recent experience I had where I met this wonderful group of people in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who I thought exemplified what it meant to be a Christian through their selfless giving and love. Kurt┬áthen paused for a moment and made, what was to me, an enlightening observation about ‘love’. The conversation went a little something like this: Continue reading

Your Mount of Transfiguration


Recently I’ve been thinking about how it’s very hard to reflect about┬áthe ‘mountains’ of good I’ve experienced during the challenging ‘valleys’ of my life. I find that I become negative way too quickly when I go through a bad situation – even if I was happy an hour earlier. This lack of seeing the good makes it that much harder to face the challenge.

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