Your Mount of Transfiguration


Recently I’ve been thinking about how it’s very hard to reflect about the ‘mountains’ of good I’ve experienced during the challenging ‘valleys’ of my life. I find that I become negative way too quickly when I go through a bad situation – even if I was happy an hour earlier. This lack of seeing the good makes it that much harder to face the challenge.

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The Light of Life

Sunrise from my window

Every morning I wake up to the Sun shining through my windows. It’s one of the perks of having a window that faces east. I get to see some fantastic sunrises and sunsets; not to mention that seeing the bright shining sun makes me feel happier to get my day going. But when the sky is cloudy and grey I’m more reluctant to get out of bed. I know the sun is behind those clouds but I can’t see it just yet.  Continue reading

Boldly Authentic

Personality Switching Cover
“Who do I want to be today?”

Lately I’ve been feeling that I’ve been changing my personality when I’m around different groups of people. I feel like this is not a good practice as it signals two alarming facts about myself:

  • I have a lack of self-confidence, and
  • I’m living an inauthentic life.

This is not ‘Living boldly’. In fact it shows that I am more of a coward and that I am scared of what people will think of my perceived personality. I’ve known for some time now that I’ve been people-pleasing from a very young age because I intuitively knew that I didn’t want any conflict.  Continue reading



Welcome to The Catholic Immigrant!

My name is Joel John and I am REALLY excited about this website! This blog was created to explore life from the bias of a Catholic (me!) who has been an ‘immigrant’ in more than one sense of the term. While this beautiful world we live in is where we call home, it is only a temporary shadow of our true, glorious home – heaven! In that sense, we are ALL immigrants anticipating their return home.

With a feeling of impermanence in mind, I want to explore questions about faith, love and God. Here are a few of the topics I plan to write on:

  • My personal ‘immigration’: geographically, culturally and spiritually
  • Love, God and Heaven
  • Attachment to this world

Apart from just spilling my own thoughts into words I want to present interviews of people who converted to Catholicism from different walks of life. There are as many unique experiences as there are people and getting to know just a fraction of those people can surely bring illumination and joy into our own journeys.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and I look forward to bringing some exciting content to you!